Creative Writing Day #23 – An Argument



“What do you have to say for yourself?”

Honestly, nothing.  I was in shock.  Seriously, how could he think I would do this?

“So, what?  Nothing?  You can’t even defend yourself?”

“I am trying to wrap my head around what you are accusing me of.”

“I. Just. Told. You.”

“Yes. Yes, you just told me I have been harassing myself and sending other harassing messages to your fiancé.”

“She’s not my fiancé.” It always bewilders me that he is so quick to point that out.

“Sorry, your girlfriend.”

“She is not my girlfriend. And even if she was, it’s none of your business.” I know.  It just makes me laugh how he always is so quick to say she is neither his fiancé, nor his girlfriend, and how it’s none of my business, but yet can never just shut up and end the conversation.


“I didn’t do it.  I have better things to do with my time than that.”

“Well, she told me word for word what they said and you are just saying you got messages.” Clearly. She wrote them, so she should know.  I couldn’t even look at them and could only delete them immediately so that I didn’t have to see the awful words again.

“Sorry – if it happens again I’ll send you the screen shot.”

And even when I did that, he didn’t apologize.  He only made a half-hearted apology after the fake Facebook fiancé created the fake page with my picture revealing my loss of Jack.

And then, it was only “I am sorry I blamed you at first.”

I actually, am pretty sure he was involved in doing it anyways.  He is a drama queen.  He likes the drama, the fights, the arguments, the never-ending conversations about the same things.

[sorry – clearly not my best work.  I am busy today.  Sorry for the same topic all the time – but clearly this has been the worst thing to ever happen to me,]


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