10 Facts About Me



This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – Day Fitness Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole blog prompt list here.

  1. I am 36 years old (+ 9 months).
  2. I live alone (well, with my two dogs!).
  3. I work from home (in Marketing).
  4. I love to run – but have been sidelined by a chronic foot problem that I am having surgery on this month.
  5. I love to do yoga – specifically Bikram Yoga.  I love to sweat!
  6. I have had a rough last 14 months, including a miscarriage (my 2nd) and a lot of bullying/harassment.
  7. I love to cook.
  8. I am 5′ 3″ tall. 
  9. I love baseball – specifically the Detroit Tigers, so October is one of my most favorite months!
  10. I love to read.

I am supposed to include a picture of me, but that’s not going to happen!


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