Sometimes You Just Need a Break


sometimes you need a break

“A change is as good as a rest.”
―     Stephen King,     Hearts in Atlantis

Sometimes you just have had it.  One more word from one more person, and that’s it.

That’s where I got last week.

That’s where I am now, still, but it’s the first of the month and I feel pressure from myself to start my next challenge, despite my lack of motivation.  But if I fail to start again, not doing anything could become a habit. Again.

Last month’s challenge didn’t go so well, despite the previous month’s notable success.  It could be that I am tired.  It could be that my allergies have been really bad.  It could be that my foot’s pain has spread up my leg and I am constantly wretched in pain.  It goes numb, which despite me constantly wanting to be in a state of numbness so I can’t feel anything, actually having a limb go literally numb is incredibly painful.

I also didn’t like that Daily Steps for God Chicks book.  The steps weren’t what I thought they would be; my own fault for not looking at it first.  Some days the book’s step would stir up some emotions that really haven’t left me yet, that were too fresh for me to be reliving.  I don’t find a lot of silly things funny, so searching YouTube and the internet for humor became painful.  I think irony and dry humor are ha ha funny.  They make me LOL.  By the way, I hate LOL.  This will be likely the only time you see me use it.  I do like emoticons though.  I can have full conversations with emoticons.

Why don’t I like LOL?  Because it’s overused.  Every have a text or chat conversation with someone who ends each text with an LOL like it is a period?  I really don’t honestly think they are LOLing every time.  However, it gets me in trouble that I don’t use it, because I have such a dry, sarcastic, dare I say witty (meaning only the highly intellectual person gets me), sense of humor.

I didn’t do well drinking water.  Too much mucus.  I ate poorly.  Yoga has slacked off.  I don’t run into enough people during the day to perform good deeds, and not doing one every day makes me feel bad when its on my checklist.  I even got turned down on a big Pay it Forward thing I offered, which, quite frankly, hurts my feelings.

I did read a bit, but I failed on watching new movies and documentaries.  Rest assured, though, that will change this month.  I will be on break for surgery for two weeks and I signed me up for a Netflix account after this past weekend when the rather costly cable service I have that charges me for premium movie channels that never have any good movies playing, had, in fact, no good movies playing.  Nope.  Not a one.  Not one on any 30 of the premium channels I subscribe to.

I only got halfway through setting up that surround sound – basically because I don’t think the black one will work with this TV (too new) and the silver one I have doesn’t really match the décor up here.  But, I guess I could give it a go.  Better than having all this stuff that never gets used.

So, anyways, I am going to wipe the slate clean on September… and start again.

Onward and upward!


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