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How well do I do around blood?  Does it make me squirmy?

I have seen a lot of blood in my days.  I once sliced the tip of my thumb off while slicing tomatoes at the pizza parlor.  Blood was every where!  I wrapped it in my apron and went outside.  The pain was, wow, simply immeasurable. I was kicking the wall outside when my boss came out.  He took one look at it and sent me to Urgent Care.  Jamie drove me. As we walked into the Urgent Care, the whole place focused their attention on me.

“Trauma!” they blasted over the loud speakers. (Or something like that.  I am surprised I was still conscious.)

When they gave me a shot of whatever (along with a tetanus shot) I screamed so loud I was told later that the whole waiting room could hear me and they shuddered, feeling my pain.

M was called to bring the tip of my thumb, which he found amongst the sliced tomatoes, on ice to the Urgent Care so they could reattach it.

I survived. My thumb survived.

But, I do get woozy when they draw my blood.  I can’t look at it.  When they did the blood draw to test if I had a clotting problem which was causing my miscarriages, they had to take so much blood.  The lady knew it was going to be a lot of blood, so she asked me how I did with having my blood drawn.  I replied, “not well.”  She led me to a special section where they had recliners so my blood could be drawn while I was laying down.  That helped.

I have had several blood glucose blood drawing tests in the past.  You know, those 4 hour ones.  One of the first times I had to do it, I was at the center.  I almost passed out and they had to put me in a side room for the rest of the test, laying down.

Then they called later that week to say someone had broken my vials.

They insisted on doing the test this next time at my home, because the process was clearly taxing on me.

So while I can handle seeing blood in a trauma, maybe it’s because I focus more on the pain than the blood, I can not handle having it drawn and seeing it in the vials.


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