My Fitness Story


my fitness story

This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – 30 Day Fitness Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole blog prompt list here.

I have always been into fitness.  It’s not one of those stories where I was once really overweight and began to change my lifestyle.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  I usually was pretty underweight, until I succumbed to the realization that I have Celiac, and eliminated gluten from my diet. Then I put on a few pounds.

Now, in fact, like anyone, there have been times when my weight fluxuated 20 lbs or so in the wrong direction.  Weight often goes up and down depending on life.

I have always had a bit of a belly thanks to Celiac.  Eating gluten had always caused my belly to bloat.  I could never understand it, understand why my belly was so large.

Now I do.

And my biggest fitness goal has always been to earn a flat stomach, but it’s hard, after 30 years of not holding in your abdominal muscles.  I never held them in because it hurt to do so (bloating, gas, etc.)  So, this is something I really try to work on now.  It really doesn’t matter how much you work the outside of your muscles, you have to care for them on the inside as well.

I played sports growing up, basketball & softball.  I was a cheerleader and I danced and took gymnastics.  We had a pool and I swam a lot.  I never ran track, but I wish I would have.  I started running in high school, and it is still one of my most favorite activities.

I had a gym membership, part of a family membership, all the way back to middle school.  I have always been familiar with weights and gym machines.

I started doing Bikram Yoga ten years ago.  It is one of the most challenging and rewarding activities I have ever discovered.  It’s cardio, it’s stretching and flexibility, and it’s strength all topped off by extreme sweating detoxification.  I can see actual changes in my body and I feel so rewarded when I accomplish something I haven’t done before.  Like locking my left knee in standing head to knee!

I have participated in many boot camp classes.  I like the out of the box thinking of these classes and I like having others to work out with.  I have met some pretty cool people this way.  Plus, learned new ways to work out – like at a school playground.

My parents weren’t always that fit.  My father is more today than he ever was.  My mother can’t be bothered with anything fitness related.

So, I am not really sure where my desire to remain active has come from.  I guess, more than anything, it is because I enjoy it.

I have written about a recent weight loss/fitness journey I have taken.  You can read it here.


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