My Fitness Goals


my fitness goals

This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – 30 Day Fitness Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole blog prompt list here.

Goals are often a moving target for me, especially when it comes to fitness.  I adjust them, nix them, add new ones based on accomplishments, failures and how I am feeling on any given day.

Overall, my fitness goals are:

  1. To remain healthy
  2. Within a certain weight +/- 5 lbs (which some days lately I have been over by a few – meaning over my goal +5 by a few!)
  3. To always be challenged
  4. To always have fun with it

Over the past year, I have set goals to run every day (never making it back up to my 28 miles per week of last summer – which I was hoping to exceed this year) and to do a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge (which I did complete in July!  This was not my first 30 day challenge, either), and of course, since July of this year, I have been posting monthly fitness goals for a daily/weekly/monthly basis on here.

I decided as a result of this prompt and my upcoming foot/leg surgery, that maybe I should set some goals for my recovery into the next year. They are:

  1. Arm and ab challenges will continue after surgery – immediately
  2. Resume squat challenges in December
  3. Go back to Bikram Yoga in February
  4. Start running again in April
  5. Run a 5K Summer 2014 (not a fan of races, but they are a good way to mark accomplishments officially)
  6. Do a Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge in Summer of 2014
  7. Check out Crossfit Summer/Fall of 2014
  8. Run a half marathon in 2015

The goals are now written!  I wonder how I can schedule this to pop back up for me in a year to check the status? 😉


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