My Favorite Exercises


my favorite exercises

This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – 30 Day Fitness Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole blog prompt list here.

I have a lot of favorite exercises.  Which is good, because if you want to remain fit – you have to love what you do.  It can’t be something you struggle to do every day.  There is no fun in that, and I honestly believe it is harder to remain fit that way.

If I haven’t mentioned this before :), I love running and Bikram Yoga!  I like distances and I like to do sprints at the track.  I love Bikram Yoga because it encompasses strength, flexibility, cardio, and meditation.

But there are plenty other exercises I like as well.

I love group exercise classes, especially boot camps.  They are challenging and they keep you accountable, plus you get to meet lots of other people.  They think outside the box and they show you challenging new exercises.

I love squats.  All sorts of them: narrow, squats with kick-backs or side kicks, sumo squats, plié squats, duck squats…. squats with kettlebells, squats with medicine balls, squats with barbells….  This is such a total body conditioning exercise, plus works one of the largest groups of muscles in your body.  And you can do them anywhere!  Try them in the shower while you let the conditioner set in.

I like calf raises I do them on the stairs while holding the railing.

I like crunches on the stability ball.

I like crab walking.  It’s great for your core.

I like bridges.

I like tricep dips.

I could probably go on for days…  I also like, but do a lot less frequently, hiking, biking, climbing, paddle boarding, lunges, dancing…

What’s your favorite exercise?




3 thoughts on “My Favorite Exercises

    • Do you ever look at yoga pictures/videos on Instagram? I love it. They are so inspiring! Look at the people I am following – a few are yoga girl, gypsetgoddess, fitqueenitene, and jessamendola. Love them!

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