4 october 2013



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I got tired today, not really from today, more from yesterday, I ended up being up late after being up very early – so I deferred a lot of exercises until tomorrow.

  1. Blog Challenge: Follow this 30 Day Fitness Blog Challenge. Posted here.
  2. Blog Challenge: Follow this 31 Day Blog Prompt. This was about globalization – which I am not too familiar with, so I don’t have a thought.  I did read about it, but still don’t have an informed opinion.
  3. Photo Challenge: Follow this 30 Day Photo Challenge. Post on Instagram: @jackjosephsmom Posted!
  4. Irony: Post one ironic saying about challenges each day. See above picture.
  5. Zen: Follow this 10 to Zen List every day.  Make it my new mantra! I did really great with this today.
  6. Water: Drink at least 100 ounces of water per day. Try to drink at least 16 of these ounces first thing in the morning. I drank 0 oz of water today.
  7. Eat: 5x per day. I ate 4x today.
  8. Meditate: 15 minutes per day. I did not meditate today.  I need to get back on this!
  9. Random Acts of Kindness: Make up my own Pay It Forward Deed of the Day and do it. I brought my hairdresser a latte.
  10. Fitness – Yoga: Go to Bikram Yoga 3x per week.
  11. Fitness – Arms: Follow this 30 Day Arms Challenge. M W F Su Defer to tomorrow.
  12. Fitness – Crunches: Follow this 30 Day Crunch Challenge.  But add 100 to the reps. Rest Day!
  13. Fitness – Squats: Follow this 30 Day Squat Challenge.  Start at Day #18. Defer to tomorrow.
  14. Fitness – Booty Workout: Follow this Booty Workout. T R S 
  15. Fitness – Kettlebell Swings:  Do this Kettlebell Challenge. Defer to tomorrow
  16. Fitness – Random: I put a few of my favorite exercises on pieces of paper in a jar.  Choose 1 and do 100 of the exercise listed each day. Defer to tomorrow.
  17. Fitness – Fun!: Pick two days a week and choose a workout off of Pinterest (or any where on the web) and do it!
  18. Dream Home: Each day, add a new item that I would want in my dream home. Post the items to Pinterest on my “My Dream Home” board. Defer to tomorrow.
  19. Read: 4 New Fiction Books this month from authors I have never read before.
  20. Read: 2 Biographies this month.
  21. Read: 4 Additional Books this month.
  22. Watch: 2 Documentaries this month.
  23. Watch: 4 Movies this month. I was up late last night (10.3) watching Something Borrowed.  It was really good!
  24. Watch: 2 Reality TV shows this month (just to see what all the fuss is about!)
  25. Watch: 2 New TV Shows I have never watched before this month. I watched Modern Family tonight.  There were quite a few episodes on USA.  It’s funny!
  26. Arts & Crafts: Create 5 new Halloween/Fall crafts this month.
  27. Recipes: Make 2 meals this month from new recipes.
  28. Photography: Do 2 photo sessions this month.
  29. Draw: 1 Picture this month.
  30. Write: 2 Poems this month.
  31. Get Out: Go to a crowded bar or to a movie one night.

Ongoing: These items I will continue going forward, but don’t feel they should take up a challenge line item going into the future.

  1. Continue working on the flexibility of my hips.
  2. Continue working on the flexibility of my shoulders/upper back.
  3. Continue learning sign language.
  4. Continue studying astronomy.

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