The City I Live In



This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – Personal Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole list here.

How would you describe the city you live in? How’s your neighborhood?

It’s a township, rather a charter township.  It’s small.  It’s out in the country.  There are no real highways out here, and quite a few dirt roads.  It is 36 square miles in size, but not an even square 36 miles like the city I grew up in.

There are lots of trails here for biking and hiking.

There are a ton of farms growing namely corn.  Several farm stands dot the road sides offering tomatoes, cucumbers, various other vegetables.  You can’t turn around out here without smelling cider and donuts this time of year as there are also many orchards here.

All the land, trees, farms, barns and open space offer a gorgeous backdrop for each and every season.

There is a combined fire/sheriff’s station – only about 3 years old.

There are mostly affluent neighborhoods with estate style homes where there aren’t farms.

And then there is where I live.  In a relatively quiet townhome and condo complex.

My neighborhood has a community pool, park, dog park and playground plus a lot of walking sidewalks and a pond with a fountain.  It’s gorgeous and I love it.

There are lots of friendly families and dogs here and the neighborhood is beautifully kept.

It’s a great place to live.


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