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My favorite brand of workout clothes is Lululemon.

This isn’t just a “I looked through my clothes and picked what I had the most of and chose that” decision.

This is an obsession!

I spend hours on eBay looking for unique New With Tags clothing available for purchase.  There is a whole subculture out there of Lululemon freaks.  Though I am not their leader, I could possibly be a local chapter’s leader.

I have 11 various saved searches on eBay with notifications of when new items arrive.  Though I went on a major buying streak earlier this year when I was stocking up on my Tigers gear (Lulu had a color scheme of Pop Orange and Inkwell – Orange and Navy for the uninspired – going for a while.  They were sold out in stores, so eBay was my source!), I haven’t made a purchase in a long time.  It’s more like I have more than enough and I am trying not to be over excessive with things in my life – plus, I would like to eat!

I have my eye on a Rehearsal Tutu.  I love Tutus and this one would be awesome to have.  The price is usually outrageous – like we are talking over $200, and sometimes what is available for purchase is previously worn.  I just can’t do that.  There currently is one available for a reasonable price, new without tags, but my concern is the sizing.  I usually buy a size up – especially in something so short.  I mean, I am 36, not 16.

Their marketing strategy is enviable.  Items are often created in special colors and patterns and only made in small batches.  This creates an obvious demand from all the Lulu collectors out there. Get it now before it’s gone for good!  In fact, I am certain many people who work at Lulu purchase items at a discount and open an eBay shop to sell their items at a premium price.  This is just a suspicion – I have no research or proof.

This clever strategy also encompasses items only being available seasonally.  Try finding a Scuba Hoodie in store during the Summer!  I have yet to accomplish that.

Besides the fact that there is this whole subcult of vintage or unique Lulu items available for the taking, besides the fact that they are marketing geniuses, there items are solid and utilize technology and style you really can only find in companies that copy Lulu’s strategy.

They utilize different technologies in their fabrics, even going as far as to trademark them.  They are moisture-wicking, stretchy and they breathe.  You can read more about their fabrics here.

I do a lot of Bikram Yoga – Hot Yoga.  My Lulu clothes never stink!  They stand up to the sweat, and they fit perfectly.  They don’t slip during postures in class.

Their running shorts are perfect for my runs.  They are the right length and they don’t drip with sweat.

Their clothes are so stylish!  They stitch a horse shoe design into most items that offer shaping unparalleled by any other clothing brand I have found.  The shape fits me perfectly and adds a slimming illusion.

I wear Lululemon most days.  I work from home and I often am in comfortable clothing.  I like to be able to do a set of squats or go into a yoga flow at any time during the day without restriction, to recuperate.

Lululemon takes you from day to workout to night.  You can’t beat it.


6 thoughts on “Lululemon

  1. dogsarentkids

    Ahhh the text on your blog is atrocious lol! Is it just me? I can BARELY read it.

    Anyhoo – I love Lululemon. Unfortunately I don’t fit in any of their clothes, but I would definitely workout if i did.

  2. One of your points about the employees of Lululemon interests me. I very much doubt that they do buy & re-sell. Even though I know that they get a great discount, (GlassDoor) I’m sure that the staff would notice if they were buying more than one size or more than their size in the items. If that happened the manager would probably be notified & they’d likely get fired.

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