I have no rights whatsoever to this picture; I just found it online. under Google images

This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – Personal Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole list here.

What are you attracted to most in the same/opposite sex? Are you more for looks, or personality?

Looks draw me in, for sure.  I don’t really have a hair or eye color preference, but I do like a finely chiseled even face.  Eyes are the most important.  You can usually look into the eyes and see so much.  Sometimes it’s a lie, ;), but you can see the intentions at the time.

But it’s personality that wins me over in the long run.  A man just gets better looking to me the kinder, more interesting, and more charming he gets.  He has to have a big heart and basically not be a douche bag. Romantic, but not cheesy.

Oh, and if he’s overplaying it, like the guy above, (yup – I have jumped on the #StarbucksDrakehands guy bandwagon.  When I saw this I just couldn’t stop laughing!) I… just… can’t… [stop laughing!]

Click here if you have no idea what I am talking about.


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