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This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – 30 Day Fitness Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole blog prompt list here.

I had to look up what a “fitblr” was in order to complete this prompt on the fitness challenge.  A fitblr is a fitness related Tumblr.  I like Tumblr a lot.  Do you ever peruse Tumblr?  It’s another blogging site that personally I find to be more picture and quote oriented, or at least that’s how I use it.

Not really having sought out Tumblr as a fitness source, this was something new to me.  I spent some time looking at the site from this perspective today, and found the following sites to be intriguing – though I have not been following them any longer than today, so I can’t give you an all out rousing “Go Follow!” because I haven’t been following them longer than today.

With one exception.

Operation Chocolate Milf: http://operationchocolatemilf.tumblr.com/

This amazing lady blogs about Bikram Yoga and her path towards teacher training.  I find the way she tells her stories so intriguing, and I have no idea how she has the time to go to class every day and write at such length every day, along with everything else one has to do in a day.  She is amazing and inspirational!

Here are some intriguing fitblrs I found this morning:

http://scoutsays.tumblr.com/ – great fitspiration

http://evolutionofmyjourney.tumblr.com/ – actual intense posted workouts

http://run-dance-namaste.tumblr.com/ – pretty much just liked the title

http://thereissomethingaboutmay.tumblr.com/ – fitspiration and recipes

http://aspire-perspire-admire.tumblr.com/ – fitspiration

http://www.spongytheyogi.com/ – yoga & clean eating

http://growsoulbeautiful.tumblr.com/ – yoga postures

Do you fitblr?  Do you have some favorite fitblrs?


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