Go Green!


go green!

This post is part of my challenge: October 2013 – Personal Blog Prompt Series.  See the whole list here.

Are you into the green movement? Should being environmentally friendly something everyone should be a part of?

Yes, I am absolutely part of the green movement and I have been, long before it was cool to be that way.

I am a huge recycler, even before it was easy for me to do.  Now, my neighborhood has a central recycling center where we can deposit our items and they are picked up.  Before this, I used to take a trek all the way to the next county’s recycling center, about an hour’s drive away, every other week or so to deposit my recyclables.

I never litter.  I will pick up other’s trash when possible.

I normally only have one bag (if even) of trash a week to be picked up.  The rest is recycled.

I have a compost bin and I use it.

I believe in natural products for my beauty routine (if you want to call it that).  I use baking soda, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar as my routine.

I work from home now, so I only use a tank of gas every two to three weeks on average – and that’s just for grocery runs, errands, etc.  Social visits and travel to yoga.

I am not wasteful with electricity.  If it’s not being used it is turned off.

I buy local food whenever possible.

And I do a zillion other little things to be environmentally-conscious.

Yes, I do believe everyone should be a part of this.  But we should all focus on using less overall.  No wasteful plastic water bottles all of the time (there is a time and a place for them).  Eating local.  Planting trees.  Not printing so much on paper.  Using less gas and electricity.  Grow your own garden.

There is something out there that everyone can do to ensure that our planet lasts forever!

But it’s not just that.  It’s protecting yourself from chemicals and other nastiness that are snuck into plastic bottles, routine beauty care products, and our food.  I think food is the number one thing most people focus on.  Find food with the least ingredients, the most natural ingredients.  You should do that with everything you buy.

The only problem is that the “less is more”, “natural” and “organic” items cost more.  That simply doesn’t make sense to me since we are using less – but hey, I often don’t understand the ways of this world anyways, so it actually doesn’t shock me that much.


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