Thanks a Day #3 – Someone Who Inspires You



Many people have inspired me over the years.  For many different things, for many different reasons.

But lately, I am most inspired by yogis.  I love the beauty of those who do it well and I really appreciate those who show before and after pictures – you know, like this is where I was 6 months ago, here I am today.

I want to be like these yogis.  I want to improve my practice.  I want to teach some day.

So, today, I choose to thank @beachyogagirl.  I follow her on Instagram.  On October 30th she posted this great shot of her showing her progress over 11 months.  I think we could all get pretty close to her before picture, and if we worked on it, in 11 months we, too, could get to the today pose.

She is a huge inspiration to me.  I love her postures, headstands, and the fact she displays honest progressions that is obtainable.

And she can do these awesome handstands.  She takes pictures of them all over the place at some great locations, in some crazy places many of us would never consider doing a handstand!

Plus, damn does it look like she is always having fun!

Thanks @beachyogagirl for being such a great inspiration to me!


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