Thanks a Day #4 – Teacher


teacher thanks

One of the best teachers I have ever had, the teacher that inspired me the most, I met in my freshman year of high school and had him all 4 (well, 3 1/2 – I graduated early) years.

He was my Accounting teacher, and while I did not end up graduating college with an Accounting degree, it had been my intent.  I settled on Business Management – because an Accounting degree was five years and I was only given four years of college.

He was an inspiration to me because he always believed in me.  He led me and my team to win 1st in a Business Professionals of America competition.  He let me choose my own self study class for my senior year – and he let it be two hours long (I needed filler time – my credits were already complete.)  I chose to do the books for the school store, and it became a fourth year accounting project going forward.

He also oversaw my co-operative study job.

He taught me to be confident in myself and that I could apply my book smarts to something practical.

I wouldn’t be anywhere today without him.  Thanks, Mr. V.!


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