Thanks a Day #7 – Someone Who Made You Laugh



I have this friend that I met in college.  From our first experience together she has made me laugh.

It was our freshman year; we lived in the same dorm.  We had a little bit too much cheap (and I mean cheap!) vodka at a party and walked home.  We got to a fence and it appeared the only way to get around it was to… go over it.

As she reached up to begin to climb, I warned her to check for barbed wire.  It was too late!  She already had her hand stuck on it.

She climbed down, and wouldn’t you know it as we began to stumble along, just about three feet away was a gate we could get through.

We ended up in the emergency room that night for her barbed wire mangled hand, and every experience we have had together since then has been crazy and fun, full of laughs, and a wonderful memory and story that we have to tell.

Whenever I need a good laugh, I just reach out to her or recall one of our adventures, big or small.  She never disappoints me.


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