The First Step is Admitting Your Faults…


And I am! I have failed my last two monthly challenges as well as failed the second half of October’s challenge.

The only thing I have to blame for it is my foot/leg surgery and lofty expectations of how I would recover.

I have been physically tired, but unable to sleep. I have been having trouble concentrating. Attempting to do any of the exercises I have on my challenge list leaves me worn out after the first quarter of the exercise.

I needed to veg out. And trust me, I have!

I thought long and hard about just stopping this project – but I used to really enjoy it. And I do not feel guilt from my the months I failed. So, basically I am saying it is not a chore! It is not something I dread or something that makes me feel bad when I fail. It’s a guide to keep me on track, keep me moving forward, and in which something to work towards a personal reward.

I haven’t been completely sedentary, I do walk the dogs. My weight has gone up a few pounds, but it maintained that through the holidays, when I would have expected a few pound increase anyways.

After realizing I do enjoy the challenges despite my recent failures, and the fact I have put on a few pounds, plus the fact a new year begins tomorrow, I am going to kick start this project back into gear!

I also know that there are a few anniversaries (and not pleasant ones) coming up in January and February that I may struggle with – so these challenges help keep me on task, and give me purpose.

So, stop back tomorrow when a 21-day refresh of my body begins. We are talking clean eating, clean drinking (tossing out the soda – at least temporary), clean mind and restarting a basic exercise regime <<<< only because I am still not physically fit for a real one.

I encourage you to join me, at least try to follow along for the 21 days.

It’s not going to be easy. This is the busiest time of my year work-wise as I prepare for my company’s largest convention of the year, in which I design, oversee set up, execute and oversee clean up. I will be working a lot of late nights, a lot of time working overnight whilst waiting for others to get me their projects during the day. So, I may not get an update out every day, but I am committed to this 100%. A clean, fresh start to what can only be a new wonderful year.

Why only 21 days? Because on the 22nd I am jetting out of town for 8 days and I plan to indulge in the city’s culinary specialties!

January’s Challenge List will be up tomorrow – including my meal plan and supplement plan. (Please keep in mind I am neither a doctor, nurse, dietician, physical trainer, etc. I am just a person striving to be the best I can be – so take my suggestions and adjust them to you and check in with a doctor if you are currently under one’s care.)

Be well!


cheer me along!

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