2 january 2014


I wasn’t planning on cheating on the second day… but I had a terrible headache.  While it is possible it is related to the lack of sugar and soda, it was more likely do to the drop in the barometric pressure, as it was sinusy.  But, I cheated with a small piece of dark chocolate and one soda.  That and a pain pill reduced the pain.

WEIGHT ~~ +11.2 (I do not expect to lose it all in 3 weeks)



MOOD ~~ 😟

TIP: Cheating is okay!  As long as it is not every day, at every meal, etc.  Restricting yourself can have very detrimental effects to your results.  When you feel deprived, you can get crabby and weak.  You start to focus on what you are missing out on, rather than why you are working towards a new, healthy body.

I started the morning with 20 ounces of cold water.  After breakfast, of quinoa and apples & half a cup of black coffee, I switched to green tea with lemon.

My morning snack was 1/2 cup of raspberries.

For lunch, I made an approximately 4 oz chicken tenderloin, 1/2 cup cooked brown rice and steamed broccoli. I also added 1/2 cup of raspberries.

My afternoon snack was a small apple.

Dinner was 4 oz of chicken, 1/2 cup cooked quinoa with chopped green onions, an avocado and tomato salad w cucumbers and a little bit of hummus. Plus a few raspberries.

I did my exercises in the afternoon.  1/2 hour of Just Dance on my Wii, plus the assigned exercises from the challenges in the list.  And my yoga to cool down.

After dinner, I took my bath, massaged my feet and did a lotion foot mask.

I did not sleep as good as I did last night.

  1. No sugar. **I had a small piece of dark chocolate and one soda.
  2. No salt. 👍
  3. No alcohol. 👍
  4. No dairy 👍- this is a personal requirement.  Milk products seem to be upsetting my stomach lately.  Yes, this means no lattes!
  5. Drink at least 64 ounces (preferably 80 ounces) of water per day. 👍
  6. Eat 5 times per day. 👍 (Meal plan suggestion here.)
  7. Cheat occasionally!  It’s okay to cheat every now and again, just don’t do it daily. 😉 👍
  8. Take my supplements religiously. 👍
  9. Drink green tea daily. 👍
  10. Meditate for at least 10 minutes per day. 👍
  11. Do 20 minutes of yoga poses per day. 👍
  12. Do 30 minutes of easy aerobic exercise 5x per week – Just Dance video game, stationary bike, simple video… 👍
  13. Follow this Squat Challenge through the 21st. 👍
  14. Follow this Crunch Challenge through the 21st. 👍
  15. Follow this Arm Challenge through the 21st. 👍
  16. Take an Epsom salt bath at least 5 nights a week.  This will help detox my body and reduce water weight. 👍
  17. Create and use a face mask twice a week.
  18. Create a use a moisturizing hair mask twice a week.
  19. Use a foot mask three times a week. 👍
  20. Give myself a foot massage 3 times a week. 👍
  21. Get a massage!



cheer me along!

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