3 january 2014


I was a bad girl today.  I woke up with a terrible headache.  It wasn’t really sinusy – though my face looked swollen – it was from the lack of soda.  So after my first 20 ounces of water, I had a soda.  And later, still in pain, I had another.  After that didn’t work, I took another pain pill – which I was not thrilled about.  But I have a lot of work to do, and I can’t even look at my computer or think with that pain.

WEIGHT ~~ +10.8 (I do not expect to lose it all in 3 weeks)



MOOD ~~ 😟

TIP: Keep a routine with your eating.  If you eat at the same times every day, your body knows when it will next receive nourishment and work to burn off the calories faster.  If you keep odd times, your body won’t be sure when its next source of food is coming and may hold on to what its got, and that is detrimental to speeding up your metabolism.  I eat breakfast at 8, my morning snack at 10, lunch around 11:30, afternoon snack around 3, and have dinner at 5:45.

I started the morning with 20 ounces of cold water.  Then that soda.  Breakfast was oatmeal with apples and cranberries.

My morning snack was 1/2 of a banana.

For lunch, I made an approximately 4 oz of ground turkey with mushrooms and green onions.  I added turmeric, a great anti-inflammatory, because of my swollen face.  I had 1/2 cup cooked quinoa, about 2 cups of steamed broccoli, and 1/2 cup of berries.

My afternoon snack was a also a half of a banana.

Dinner was 4 oz of ground turkey, steamed green beans (fresh, not from a can), mushrooms with hummus and 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice, plus 1/2 cup berries.

I did my exercises in the afternoon.  I completed a whole hour of Just Dance on my Wii – the extra half hour to negate some of the calories from the soda. I did the assigned exercises from the challenges in the list in between songs.  And my yoga to cool down.

After dinner, I took my bath, meditated, massaged my feet and did a lotion foot mask.

I forgot to have my green tea today.

I slept okay.  I woke up once, but I wasn’t up for too long.

  1. No sugar. **I had two sodas.
  2. No salt. 👍
  3. No alcohol. 👍
  4. No dairy 👍- this is a personal requirement.  Milk products seem to be upsetting my stomach lately.  Yes, this means no lattes!
  5. Drink at least 64 ounces (preferably 80 ounces) of water per day. 👍
  6. Eat 5 times per day. 👍 (Meal plan suggestion here.)
  7. Cheat occasionally!  It’s okay to cheat every now and again, just don’t do it daily. 😉 👍
  8. Take my supplements religiously. 👍
  9. Drink green tea daily.
  10. Meditate for at least 10 minutes per day. 👍
  11. Do 20 minutes of yoga poses per day. 👍
  12. Do 30 minutes of easy aerobic exercise 5x per week – Just Dance video game, stationary bike, simple video… 👍
  13. Follow this Squat Challenge through the 21st. 👍
  14. Follow this Crunch Challenge through the 21st. 👍
  15. Follow this Arm Challenge through the 21st. 👍
  16. Take an Epsom salt bath at least 5 nights a week.  This will help detox my body and reduce water weight. 👍
  17. Create and use a face mask twice a week.
  18. Create a use a moisturizing hair mask twice a week.
  19. Use a foot mask three times a week. 👍
  20. Give myself a foot massage 3 times a week. 👍
  21. Get a massage!



cheer me along!

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