my current vitamin supplements


This supplement list is what my body needs.  This comes from years of discovery, recent blood work, and for the current season – which is winter.

These supplements may not, and likely will not, be what your body needs.  Again, I am not a doctor, nurse, dietician or personal trainer.  Check with your doctor to find out what supplements you may need.

  1. I take two (gluten-free: Up & Up brand from Target) children’s “Flintstone” multivitamins daily. [Sometimes instead of these, I take one Stuart Prenatal vitamin daily.  I choose prenatal vitamins, despite not being pregnant, because they offer the right mix of nutrients I am missing, plus there is speculation/research that prenatal vitamins offer great nourishment for your hair, skin & nails.  A long time ago I did the research and chose to go with the Stuart brand – which I buy off of Amazon.]  Right now, I am pretty healthy, so these two tablets cover what I may be missing and give me a boost where applicable.
  2. The two children’s vitamins give me 200% of my daily recommended vitamin C requirements.  But when I feel myself getting a little sick, I add 2 500 mg high potency vitamin C supplements, taking one pill twice daily.  I like the Sundown Naturals brand.  I can get them at Krogers – and they are usually on sale.
  3. I take at least 500 mg of L-Lysine daily.  I get cold sores and fever blisters often in the winter.  I have since I was a baby.  While I do get cold sores occasionally, it’s actually the fever blisters I get more often.  I get them in my nose, on my nose and around my mouth.  I have a lot of sensitivities – which you know if you have spent one minute reading anything about me!  Short of moving to a bubble, I have had to learn how to prevent.  If I have a sore or a blister, I take about 3000 mg a day – 3 500 mg tablets at lunch and 3 500 mg tablets at dinner.  Again, I like the Sundown Naturals brand.
  4. I also take an Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement.  This is suggested for many for various reasons, but I like it to boost my skin and keep down inflammation throughout my body.  I take 1 Schiff Mega Red Krill oil pill a day.
  5. Sometimes, when I am a little slow or backed up, I add probiotics to the mix for a few days.  I like Align or Pearls.

In the past, my iron and Vitamin K has been too low.  When blood work reveals this, I adjust my supplements to boost these necessary nutrients.  So far, I have not needed an extra calcium boost, but based on family history, this may become necessary.


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