december 2013


christmas challenge

Challenge list for December 2013 is here!

  1. Blog Challenge: Every day share one favorite holiday memory.
  2. Photo Challenge: Follow this 31 Day Christmas Photo Challenge. Post on Instagram: @jackjosephsmom
  3. Quotes: Post one favorite Holiday movie quote each day.
  4. Random Acts of Kindness: Make up my own Pay It Forward Deed of the Day and do it.
  5. Love: Say ” I Love You” every day.
  6. Negativity: Push all negative thoughts from my mind.
  7. Enjoy: Make myself enjoy the holidays and the time I have to spend with my family, instead of dreading it.
  8. Meditate: For at least 10 minutes each day.
  9. Fitness – Arms: Follow this Arm Workout M W F Su
  10. Fitness – Crunches: Follow this 30 Day Crunch Challenge. 
  11. Fitness – Squats: Follow this 30 Day Squat Challenge.
  12. Fitness – Handstands: Do 1 a day.
  13. Fitness – Backbends: Do 1 a day.
  14. Fitness – Rehab: Do at least a minimum of the 100 stretches recommended by the doctor to do each day on my recovering calf.
  15. Fitness – Yoga: Do several yoga postures each day.
  16. Read: 4 Books this month with a holiday theme.
  17. Watch: 4 Movies this month with a holiday theme.
  18. Music: Take some time to listen to holiday music each day.
  19. Arts & Crafts: Create 2 new holiday crafts this month.
  20. Recipes: Make 2 meals this month from new recipes.
  21. Host: 2 Dinner Parties this month.
  22. Photography: Do 2 photo sessions this month.
  23. Draw: 1 Picture this month.
  24. Write: 2 Poems this month.
  25. Get Out: Go to a crowded bar or to a movie one night.

cheer me along!

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