july 2013


Daily Goals

  1. Run every day. Every day!
  2. Drink at least a gallon of water every day. (Plain ice tea counts!)
  3. Do a 3o day +1 Bikram yoga challenge.
  4. Reduce my sugar intake.
  5. Do something new every day, even if it’s just a twist on something I usually do.
  6. Every day record something in my life in which I am grateful
  7. Eat 5 times a day. Good food, not junk! (ice cream is acceptable, only because it’s summer!)
  8. Absolutely no more gluten! Or other things I am allergic to.
  9. Take one picture a day – that defines my day. Post on Instagram: jackjosephsmom.
  10. Hold a plank for a minimum of one minute a day.
  11. Do at least 50 squats a day (preferably 100).
  12. Do at least 10 burpees a day (preferably more).
  13. Do ten pushups a day.
  14. Do 20 Kettlebell swings a day.
  15. Reconnect with an old friend each day.
  16. Join the Pay it Forward Movement and participate daily. (There’s an app for that!)
  17. Be happy everyday; all day if possible.
  18. Smile at everyone I see. (Part of the whole “fake it until you make it” philosophy).

Weekly Goals

  1. Have friends over for a lunch or dinner party each week
  2. Make something I have never made before each time.
  3. Start reading again, at least one book a week.
  4. Enjoy the amenities of my neighborhood – the pool, the gym…
  5. Find new hobbies to adopt.
  6. Write positive compliments to companies I frequent about my experiences (many only think to write when something negative occurs).

Monthly Goals

  1. Clean out the basement…again.
  2. Clean out my closets – especially the shoe closets… again.
  3. Create a scrapbook of all my accomplishments: a brag book.  To help remind me how great I am when I am down.
  4. Learn Photoshop.
  5. Write something important and send it to a magazine in hopes it will be published.
  6. Sign up to volunteer.
  7. Learn astronomy.

cheer me along!

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