october 2013 (14th-31st)


october 31 day challenge

Challenge list for October 2013 is here!

This month will be broken into two parts.  Surgery is scheduled for the 14th, so the first half will be focused heavily on fitness; the second half on writing, creativity, and personal growth. [note: some items will continue from part 1 to part 2]

Here is October 2013 – Part 2:

  1. Blog Challenge: Follow this 30 Day Fitness Blog Challenge.
  2. Blog Challenge: Follow this 31 Day Blog Prompt.
  3. Blog Challenge: Follow The Daily Post: Daily Prompt on WordPress.
  4. Blog Challenge: Follow The Daily Post: Weekly Writing Challenge on WordPress.
  5. Photo Challenge: Follow The Daily Post: Weekly Challenge on WordPress.
  6. Photo Challenge: Follow this 30 Day Photo Challenge. Post on Instagram: @jackjosephsmom
  7. Irony: Post one ironic saying about challenges each day.
  8. Zen: Follow this 10 to Zen List every day.  Make it my new mantra!
  9. Water: Drink at least 100 ounces of water per day. Try to drink at least 16 of these ounces first thing in the morning.
  10. Eat: 5x per day.
  11. Meditate: 15 minutes per day.
  12. Random Acts of Kindness: Make up my own Pay It Forward Deed of the Day and do it.
  13. Fitness – Arms: Follow this 30 Day Arms Challenge. M W F Su
  14. Fitness – Crunches: Follow this 30 Day Crunch Challenge.  But add 100 to the reps.
  15. Fitness – Kettlebell Swings:  Do this Kettlebell Challenge.
  16. Fitness – Random: I put a few of my favorite exercises on pieces of paper in a jar.  Choose 1 and do 100 of the exercise listed each day.
  17. Fitness – Fun!: Pick two days a week and choose a workout off of Pinterest (or any where on the web) and do it!
  18. Dream Home: Each day, add a new item that I would want in my dream home. Post the items to Pinterest on my “My Dream Home” board.
  19. Read: 4 New Fiction Books this month from authors I have never read before.
  20. Read: 2 Biographies this month.
  21. Read: 4 Additional Books this month.
  22. Watch: 2 Documentaries this month.
  23. Watch: 4 Movies this month.
  24. Watch: 2 Reality TV shows this month (just to see what all the fuss is about!)
  25. Watch: 2 New TV Shows I have never watched before this month.
  26. Arts & Crafts: Create 5 new Halloween/Fall crafts this month.
  27. Recipes: Make 2 meals this month from new recipes.
  28. Photography: Do 2 photo sessions this month.
  29. Draw: 1 Picture this month.
  30. Write: 2 Poems this month.
  31. Get Out: Go to a crowded bar or to a movie one night.

Ongoing: These items I will continue going forward, but don’t feel they should take up a challenge line item going into the future.

  1. Continue working on the flexibility of my hips.
  2. Continue working on the flexibility of my shoulders/upper back.
  3. Continue learning sign language.
  4. Continue studying astronomy.

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