september 2013


30 day challenge september So here is the challenge list for September 2013! Fitness has a heavy emphasis this month as next month is surgery month and physical activity will have to be limited.

  1. Blog Challenge: I have this book called Daily Steps for God Chicks by Holly Wagener It is a 90 day devotional. [I have not read it yet.]  I am going to do the first 30 days (and maybe continue it into the next months).  Each day includes a step, and I will blog the step on this site.  I expect it to include some real confessions, inner secrets and be very revealing.
  2. Creative Writing: Follow this 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge.
  3. Photo Challenge: Follow this 30 Day Photo Challenge. Post on Instagram: @jackjosephsmom
  4. Humor Challenge: Find a funny video on YouTube each day and post it.
  5. Water: Drink at least 100 ounces of water per day. Try to drink at least 16 of these ounces first thing in the morning.
  6. Eat: 5x per day.
  7. Fitness – Yoga: Go to Bikram Yoga at least 4x per week.
  8. Fitness – Arms: Follow this 30 Day Arms Challenge. (Mountain climbers may be difficult because of my toe.)
  9. Fitness – Squats/Crunches: Follow this 30 Day Challenge. (Add 50 to the squats count and 100 to the crunches count.)
  10. Fitness – Buttocks: Do this Buttocks Workout video 4x per week.
  11. Fitness – Core Challenge: Do this Core Challenge on the odd numbered days of the month.
  12. Fitness – Lower Ab Attack: Do this Lower Ab workout on the even numbered days of the month.
  13. Fitness – 30 Minute Ab Workout: Do this 30 Minute Ab Workout Video 2x per week.
  14. Fitness – 6 Pack Abs (2): Do this Level 2 Six Pack Abs Workout Video 3x per week,
  15. Fitness – Random: Follow this 100 Reps Challenge (a different exercise each day you do 100 times). There are only 27 days on here, so the remaining 3 days I will just randomly pick one.
  16. Fitness – Fun!: Pick one day a week and choose a workout off of Pinterest (or any where on the web) and do it!
  17. Meditate: 10 minutes per day. (I found an app from Huffington Post – GPS for the Soul.  It has a sensor that measures your beats per minute through your phone’s camera!  It’s pretty cool.  It reminds you daily to check in with yourself, offers stress tips, has guides, yoga poses, meditation videos, breathing exercises – and you can search by minutes (1 min, 2 min, 5min…) depending on how much time you have. Oh, by the way, it’s free!)
  18. Random Acts of Kindness: Make up my own Pay It Forward Deed of the Day and do it.
  19. Dream: List one thing I have always wanted to do each day.
  20. Positively Positive: Push or sweep all negative or unhappy thoughts from my mind.
  21. What I Like About Me: Write down one thing I like about myself every day and why.
  22. Read: 2 New Fiction Books this month from authors I have never read before.
  23. Read: 1 Biography this month.
  24. Watch: 2 Documentaries this month.
  25. Watch: 2 Movies this month.
  26. Host: 2 Dinner Parties this month.
  27. Art: Draw 1 picture this month.
  28. Upcycle: 2 things from my closet into something new.
  29. Create: Make a candle from scratch.
  30. Avoided Household Task: Hook up the surround sound system. Correctly. Mount speakers.

Bonus: Social: Go out one night to a crowded bar, for at least one hour.

Ongoing: These items I will continue going forward, but don’t feel they should take up a challenge line item going into the future.

  1. Continue working on the flexibility of my hips.
  2. Continue working on the flexibility of my shoulders/upper back.
  3. Continue learning sign language.
  4. Continue studying astronomy.

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